Industrial Research

We provide innovations designed specifically for the needs of today’s companies. Working on industrial research programs in collaboration with companies to identify product lines or processes based on the frontier of scientific and technological research. The areas of industrial research that our team is involved in are many and have been grouped in the following sections:

The world of big data is a reality widely debated in the academic and industrial world and recently the Industry 4.0 research strand, with the relevant funding at European and Italian level, has further emphasized the need to adopt big data technologies also in the industrial sector.

One of the main objectives of Industry 4.0 is represented by the analysis of the data collected by the production lines in order to optimize the processes – and we can enclose this concept in the well-known term of Big Data Analytics. Modern sensors and connectivity technologies allow to observe even very fine details of the production process, generating huge amounts of data. Logically linking this data to opportunities for improvement and optimization represents one of the most important challenges for the future.

In this context, the activities of our group in the field of Big Data have the main objective of overcoming the limits of the main analytics solutions available on the market, analyzing how to create Big Data platforms of general applicability in Industry 4.0 for the analysis of data from different types of machines at different levels of abstraction (single machine, production line, and multi-line or multi-plant) and contextual storage of the data collected in order to optimize the use of resources.

Coordinator: Mauro Tortonesi

The primary goal of the BCL (Blockchain & Cyber Security Laboratory) research team is the analysis and experimental validation of techniques to prevent from, identify, and counterattack cyber-attacks and cyber threats in general.

The focus is on the application of such techniques in IoT devices and industrial environments. In addition, the CBL research team designs and develops innovative solutions aiming at exploiting the Blockchain technology in industrial environments, not only by exploiting state-of-the-art platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric and Corda, but also by extending traditional solutions to provide innovative features, e.g., to allow the capability of removing old data in Blockchains while ensuring their immutability.

Coordinator: Carlo Giannelli

Smart Metering Lab

The objective of this research group is the design and implementation of prototype ICT solutions in the field of smart metering for the management of water networks aimed at creating tools for acquiring water data in order to experiment with innovative technologies for losses identification in water networks and the analysis of the data collected.

This research group, thanks to the use of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) components and more, designs and develops innovative tools and services that favor the quality, continuity and safety of water service with the simultaneous decrease of management costs, in addition to producing a reduction in environmental impact, resulting from a more effective management of resources and the reduction of water losses.

Coordinator: Mauro Tortonesi

Industry 4.0 Lab

The fourth industrial revolution is the new horizon of a production and distribution that become smarter, faster and more efficient.

With a view to Smart Manufactoring, plants and machines will be equipped with sensors that identify and constantly detect their position, status and activity while the data collected will be analyzed to improve production capacity, efficiency, safety and operational continuity. Finally, the entire factory will be connected to the rest of the logistics-production system and to customers via cloud platforms.

The research team is working to find solutions to reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of maintenance and after-sales service operations through remote monitoring of every operating status of the machine and factory.

Coordinator: Cesare Stefanelli