Cesare Stefanelli, Ph.D.

Full Professor

Cesare Stefanelli was born in Bologna in 1965. He received his Laurea degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Bologna, where he has got his PhD (Department of Electronic, Computer and system Science – DEIS, University of Bologna).

Full professor in Computer Science Engineering of Engineering Faculty of the University of Ferrara. He has been a research associate at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna and associate professor at the University of Ferrara.

In the University of Ferrara, he is the Rector Delegate for IT services, president of the Scientific Council of the University IT department and member of the board of directors of Cineca.

His scientific activity has produced several papers published on international journal and magazines, and presented to international congress. The main fields of interest are:

  • Operating systems, parallel and concurrent programming;
  • Computer Networks, Distributed and parallel systems: models and solutions;
  • Mobile Agents Systems: global and open programmino environment;
  • Distributed infrastructures for supportino multimedia provisiong with QoS;
  • Secure Infrastructues for global and dynamic systems;
  • Middleware to support service provisioning in presence of user/terminal/resource mobility;
  • Models and technologies ofr dynamic environment in ad-hoc networks scenarios;
  • Applications and services highly accessible for heterogeneous and mobile systems.

In the contest of those areas he has partecipated to several research projects, at the Regional, Nationale (MURST 40% e 60% e C.N.R.), and international levels, with coordination responsabilities.

He has an intense teaching activity, at Laurea and Master levels, in the area of operating systems, distributed systems and computer networks. In addition he supervises several thesis, at the Laurea, Master and Doctoral level.