Scientific Research Areas

Internet of Things

Internet-Of-Things (IoT) is an interesting area for research applications. We participated in several projects where we experimented with different IoT technologies and applications. Despite its large commercial adoption, IoT in general still needs to address some issues such as service and asset discovery, heterogeneity management and so on.

IT Service Management

Our expertises in IT Service Management range from IT Support Management to the efficient allocation of computational resources on federated and hybrid Cloud Computing infrastructures. From these research efforts, we developed SIFSC and BDMass+.

Fog Computing

Fog Computing is a recent and compelling paradigm that moves part of the computation to the edge of the network, exploiting the proximity of devices and users to deliver more efficient responsive services. However, creating such services is such a challenging task since it requires an intelligent orchestration of resources and applications at the edge. To support the adoption of Fog Computing we developed Sieve, Process, and Forward (SPF) a Fog-as-a-Service platform and Phileas, a discrete event simulator for Fog Computing scenarios.

Software Defined Networking

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) defines a separation of the management and forwarding functionality into two separates entities: Control Plane and Data Plane. This separation enables more efficient management of complex network environments, e.g., data-centers. To push forward the adoption of innovative SDN methodologies and tools for Edge and Fog Computing scenarios we devised the HORNET middleware. HORNET leverages on Value-of-Information concepts and the RAMP Middleware for prioritizing critical services and information at the edge side of the network.